Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tears, tantrums and.............tutus!!

Here are a few more pics from Sylvie-Mae's glamorous photoshoot......haha, on the kitchen floor, beside the range cooker, poor child! Its was the only place we could find the smallest fraction of natural light as it was absolutely bucketing with rain outside, don't think I could have picked a darker day to take photographs! I've only really been getting into amateur photography this last couple of months so have none of the proper equipment yet.....but we improvised! Armed with a desk lamp, a Slanket and tutu we got the job done.....just! Eh, ladies, hehe?! 

The one above makes me laugh so much! This was Sylvie-Mae mid costume change, we were about to take off the tutu but after trying on the hat on for size we fell about laughing at her ballet/ski combo so we had to take some photos......it just shows you, that girl is so cute she can carry any outfit off!!! I can just imagine this will be the embarrassing pic Neil and Michelle will whip out when Sylvie-Mae takes her first boyfriend home to meet them!! 

So after a hectic shoot (god, these supermodels and their demands, I don't know!?!), I headed over to Morag's for a much deserved vino and take-away! Quite a subdued night....only the 4 bottles consumed!

The next day, after visiting the Grannies, I headed up to Claire and Dave's where I tried to take some snaps of their two cuties.....Faith and Thayne. But these models weren't entirely playing the game! Faith could give that Naomi Campbell a run for her money.....the surname isn't the only thing they have in common, just watch your head for flying phones! Not even two and she is already displaying diva like qualities! Haha, no, she is a wee sweetie really, with cutest smile and most angelic face......

Anyone seen The Omen? JUST kidding Claire!!!! I love coming up to Lossie to visit my little pal (Faith I mean, not Claire!) :D

Last......but by no means least, here are a couple of snaps of my bud Thayne! I have lots more pics to sort through and Photoshop (450 to be exact!). So will get copies of these to everyone, as discussed, as soon as I can! Hope you like?!?!?! Please leave a comment, anyone, I love reading them! Laura x

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Short and Sweet!

A quick post for just now as its 12.40am and I've not sat down since I got back from Lossiemouth before teatime. Had a really nice, productive weekend with two baby 'photoshoots' (hate using that word, it makes it sound like I think I'm any good at taking pics....I'm under no pretence there!! BUT practice makes perfect, and slowly I think I'm improving).

Anyway, managed to get a few lovely shots which I plan to get up on the blog soon. Meantime, here is a sneaky peek at a couple of the adorably cute Sylvie-Mae.......just to satisfy Michelle and Morag's curiosity! 

Now I really need to call it a night because if I start mucking about in Photoshop now I could be here till breakfast!! Away for some much needed Zzzz's!! Seeya! x

 P.S  Thanks Jude for the loan of Molly's tutus! Think you'll agree they made for some good pics. Sylvie-Mae loved them too......very tasty! Got my Granny to hand wash them yesterday! hehe x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Onwards and upwards....so they say!

So as my last day at Halcon looms I feel surprisingly happy! While I'll miss all my old colleagues, I just can't wait to get stuck into new projects. With some freelance work in the pipeline already, a few brides expressing interest in my wedding stationery, good feedback on my fledgling photography skills, all combined with the support, messages and 'big ups' from my lovely friends and family, I'm feeling really rather pleased with myself. Thanks you lot!!!

I hoping to get my stationery portfolio on here very soon.....watch this space! Also, keep an eye on my design portfolio, I am in the process off adding more of my work, bit by bit.....slowly.....but surely!! Where I've decided to stick with Rosehips & Petticoats as the name of my stationery business, I have come up with another name for the freelance design side of things........Aubergine! Any thoughts????

Also, Lovely Lou at Coco Violet has offered to stock a range of my greetings cards so look out for my designs in the coming months!

This Sunday we went a walk down to Old Portlethen to take some snaps for my course homework. Now when you think of Portlethen I'm sure it doesn't exactly conjure up images of natural beauty in people's minds ('meat factory' and 'Asda' pop into my head and I live there!) but a mile walk down to the coast and you are treated to a very different scene. We trekked along the costal trail to Findon and discovered some amazing scenery.....secluded bays and bothy's cutting into the cliffside, brightly coloured rowing boats and plenty of wildlife. (But none of the evil genetically-modified seagulls that terrorise Aberdeen city centre though....thank god!!).

Anyway, I couldn't wait to take some photographs, until I realised I'd forgotten to charge the camera battery! Doh! Dragged a heavy DSLR and two lenses over 5 miles for nothing! 

So in a last ditch attempt to take some half decent shots to show at my class on Wednesday I set up a couple of still lifes in the garden. Maybe not amazing subject matter but considering I only had half an hour before Alan's mum and dad were due round for Sunday dinner, I think they look ok!?

My faithful Chucks, these bad boys have been to a LOT of gigs and festivals, hence their sorry state! But after seeing Rage Against the Machine, The Kings of Leon, The Prodigy, Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers, MGMT, The Racounteurs, Wolfmother, Radiohead, Beck, The Flaming Lips, The Rapture, Seasick Steve, Hot Chip, The Charlatans, The Rapture, The Music.......to name but a few......I think they have had a good life!?!

My neighbours must think I'm mental......A Sunday afternoon and I'm sprawled across our decking, bum in the air, taking pictures of figs while Alan is strimming grass only inches from my head!?! The things I do in the name of art!

So that's it! If you are reading this please feel free to leave a comment, I really appreciate your feedback!! And any brides out there looking for lovely invites, or any small businesses needing an imaginative brand identity, please do not hesitate to get in touch!?! x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

An eventful couple of weeks!

Been meaning to update this for weeks, I'm here now so here goes...

It was my birthday on the 3rd of March so we headed down to Edinburgh for a wee holiday. I just love it down there, it's such a stunning city! And despite the fact we've been there more times than I can remember, I am still awestruck at the architecture and landscape, mainly the imposing castle and the volcanic rock that it perches on. I find it almost surreal to look at as you walk down Princess Street, ladened with shopping bags. So much so, I am constantly bumping into people, I just can't take my eyes off it!

We arrived on the Friday evening (a lot later than planned due to the appalling rush hour traffic and god awful roadworks) and checked into the Hotel du Vin. The hotel sits on the site of a former asylum, which suited our mood at the time! We were not very happy after the nightmare journey and the drenching we got as we walked from the car with our cases!

But as soon as we reached our room we soon perked up, it was straight to the minibar for some G&T's! And with a roll top bath at the end of the bed, it didn't take us long to get warmed up and revitalised for the night ahead. 

That evening we ate at The Dogs. It was the second time we dined there and is did not disappoint, The meal was so good, sort of comfort food, with a Heston twist. The look of the place is very quirky, it has a lovely laid-back atmosphere, the staff are really friendly and I just love the fact every meal is served on mismatched vintage plates.....just like the ones your granny served her mince & tatties on when you were wee! 

After our meal we battle the sleet and snow to get to  Cabaret Voltaire for a boogie before bed!

The next day we had lunch at 21212. Amazing food and a truly memorable experience. Not pretentious in the slightest, Katie Kitching herself waited our table and she was lovely. Even if you were loaded, I don't think you could eat Michelin-starred food every day, I think after a week you'd be having tattie withdrawals.....but as a one off, it was a real special treat!

Stuffed and happy, we set off for a bit of retail therapy around George Street, which meant a pilgrimage to a couple of my favourite shops.....Cath Kidston and Jo Malone!! 

After shopping for some birthday pressies, we headed to Tigerlily for a couple of my favourite damson jam cocktails.

By Sunday we were getting a bit sick of eating and drinking, (never thought I'd hear myself say that!) so we went for a brisk walk around the old town, this was also an opportunity to take some pictures for my photography course. Well, I would have called it was refreshing, Alan's words were 'Its bloody freezing'! I managed to take a few hurried shots in Greyfriars Graveyard before the hubby lost the plot completely...

By lunchtime our appetites had returned, we were craving plain, simple grub and we stumbled upon the perfect place...

Just what we needed, a plate of mash to soak up the weekend's alcohol! And then it was homeward bound...

Some of my lovely birthday pressies....

A few Cath Kidston goodies and my goddamn sexy Roberts Revival Radio!

And last but not least, one last picture I took this week. I'm slowly getting better but I still have so much more to learn!! And Morag, if you are reading this, I appologise now for any punctuation and grammatical errors, I can't help it, its my Gin addled brain! And don't ask me what on earth is going on with the leading between my paragraphs!?! x