Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tears, tantrums and.............tutus!!

Here are a few more pics from Sylvie-Mae's glamorous photoshoot......haha, on the kitchen floor, beside the range cooker, poor child! Its was the only place we could find the smallest fraction of natural light as it was absolutely bucketing with rain outside, don't think I could have picked a darker day to take photographs! I've only really been getting into amateur photography this last couple of months so have none of the proper equipment yet.....but we improvised! Armed with a desk lamp, a Slanket and tutu we got the job done.....just! Eh, ladies, hehe?! 

The one above makes me laugh so much! This was Sylvie-Mae mid costume change, we were about to take off the tutu but after trying on the hat on for size we fell about laughing at her ballet/ski combo so we had to take some photos......it just shows you, that girl is so cute she can carry any outfit off!!! I can just imagine this will be the embarrassing pic Neil and Michelle will whip out when Sylvie-Mae takes her first boyfriend home to meet them!! 

So after a hectic shoot (god, these supermodels and their demands, I don't know!?!), I headed over to Morag's for a much deserved vino and take-away! Quite a subdued night....only the 4 bottles consumed!

The next day, after visiting the Grannies, I headed up to Claire and Dave's where I tried to take some snaps of their two cuties.....Faith and Thayne. But these models weren't entirely playing the game! Faith could give that Naomi Campbell a run for her money.....the surname isn't the only thing they have in common, just watch your head for flying phones! Not even two and she is already displaying diva like qualities! Haha, no, she is a wee sweetie really, with cutest smile and most angelic face......

Anyone seen The Omen? JUST kidding Claire!!!! I love coming up to Lossie to visit my little pal (Faith I mean, not Claire!) :D

Last......but by no means least, here are a couple of snaps of my bud Thayne! I have lots more pics to sort through and Photoshop (450 to be exact!). So will get copies of these to everyone, as discussed, as soon as I can! Hope you like?!?!?! Please leave a comment, anyone, I love reading them! Laura x


  1. Hi Laura,

    These are amazing. Just when I think you couldn't surpass the last lot of photos, you manage! You've managed to catch her looking playful and cheeky.
    I love the photos of Claire's - how cute are they? I love Faith dressing up - very girlish!
    I can't wait to see the next installment of baby photos ............. I'm watching this space, as they say!

    M xx

  2. very proffesional mrs bremner, im loving the wee baba with all the outfits. she is a cuttie. pity my brats were not playing for you that day. sure the diva will BEHAVE NEXT TIME. ur totally gan tae be a magic photographer, but would we expect any less fae ya, yer a bit crazy we a dram but by gum ur talented chick!