Sunday, 14 March 2010

An eventful couple of weeks!

Been meaning to update this for weeks, I'm here now so here goes...

It was my birthday on the 3rd of March so we headed down to Edinburgh for a wee holiday. I just love it down there, it's such a stunning city! And despite the fact we've been there more times than I can remember, I am still awestruck at the architecture and landscape, mainly the imposing castle and the volcanic rock that it perches on. I find it almost surreal to look at as you walk down Princess Street, ladened with shopping bags. So much so, I am constantly bumping into people, I just can't take my eyes off it!

We arrived on the Friday evening (a lot later than planned due to the appalling rush hour traffic and god awful roadworks) and checked into the Hotel du Vin. The hotel sits on the site of a former asylum, which suited our mood at the time! We were not very happy after the nightmare journey and the drenching we got as we walked from the car with our cases!

But as soon as we reached our room we soon perked up, it was straight to the minibar for some G&T's! And with a roll top bath at the end of the bed, it didn't take us long to get warmed up and revitalised for the night ahead. 

That evening we ate at The Dogs. It was the second time we dined there and is did not disappoint, The meal was so good, sort of comfort food, with a Heston twist. The look of the place is very quirky, it has a lovely laid-back atmosphere, the staff are really friendly and I just love the fact every meal is served on mismatched vintage plates.....just like the ones your granny served her mince & tatties on when you were wee! 

After our meal we battle the sleet and snow to get to  Cabaret Voltaire for a boogie before bed!

The next day we had lunch at 21212. Amazing food and a truly memorable experience. Not pretentious in the slightest, Katie Kitching herself waited our table and she was lovely. Even if you were loaded, I don't think you could eat Michelin-starred food every day, I think after a week you'd be having tattie withdrawals.....but as a one off, it was a real special treat!

Stuffed and happy, we set off for a bit of retail therapy around George Street, which meant a pilgrimage to a couple of my favourite shops.....Cath Kidston and Jo Malone!! 

After shopping for some birthday pressies, we headed to Tigerlily for a couple of my favourite damson jam cocktails.

By Sunday we were getting a bit sick of eating and drinking, (never thought I'd hear myself say that!) so we went for a brisk walk around the old town, this was also an opportunity to take some pictures for my photography course. Well, I would have called it was refreshing, Alan's words were 'Its bloody freezing'! I managed to take a few hurried shots in Greyfriars Graveyard before the hubby lost the plot completely...

By lunchtime our appetites had returned, we were craving plain, simple grub and we stumbled upon the perfect place...

Just what we needed, a plate of mash to soak up the weekend's alcohol! And then it was homeward bound...

Some of my lovely birthday pressies....

A few Cath Kidston goodies and my goddamn sexy Roberts Revival Radio!

And last but not least, one last picture I took this week. I'm slowly getting better but I still have so much more to learn!! And Morag, if you are reading this, I appologise now for any punctuation and grammatical errors, I can't help it, its my Gin addled brain! And don't ask me what on earth is going on with the leading between my paragraphs!?! x


  1. Just tried to leave a comment but closed the window before the word verifiaction flashed up - duh!! I had said (something like) the following...Gorgeous photos and presents! Need to get some photography tips from you...Thanks for becoming a Follower! xx

  2. Faaanks! Once I know exactly what I'm doing myself, I'll easily give you some tips!! I fear its been pure fluke so far! Looking forward to reading your next post....xx

  3. Your blog is wonderful. Your grammar is
    impeccable! I love it all including the author.
    Mrs M Flett xx