Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter!

So that’s March done and dusted and what does April have to offer?? More snow!!! We better get a good summer for this, we bloody deserve it!! I’m scared to plant anything in the garden.....the Primroses I potted a few weeks ago were murdered by the frost!!! Roll on BBQ’s and beer gardens, that’s what I say!

I decided to do some baking this week....very housewifie! I was expecting a few people round so I thought I’d offer them a fine biscuit for a change....

 I made Pear & Pistachio cookies (with the addition of apple and plum, couldn’t find single bags of dried pears so I improvised)...

.....and Peanut Butter cookies, was chuffed......they actually tasted nice....even though I made them!?!

These are gift tags I quickly designed and printed for our nieces and nephews’ Easter pressies. I cut out the labels with a that’s a steady hand! (No signs of Gin damage there)

I have been glued to this machine morning, noon and night for the 4 past days, so much so I have RSI! I will be putting up more of my graphic design portfolio up this week. I’m available for freelance work so please contact me at

I also hope to get some wedding stationery samples on here soon, if there are any brides out there needing info meantime, please get in touch!

Really excited, have just ordered heaps of cool buttons/fabrics/charms and other embellishments from Japan to use in my new greetings card ranges. Can’t wait to get stuck into new designs! Coming soon to Coco Violet!

Also look out for my Etsy shop! When this is up and running I hope to sell Digital Downloads for Scrapbookers, Business Card / Stationery / Label / Packaging Templates for Crafters and DIY Invitation / Card / Favour kits. As well as my own range of printed and hand embellished Cards, Invites, Writing Sets.....and much more!

I got a Wacom Bamboo Tablet for my birthday and have been having a play. I hope to use it to create my very own handwriting fonts....once I to get to grips with it, that’s the plan anyway!?!

Well with so much to do I’d better stop talking about it....and just do it! Got a few freelance jobs in today, on top of a wedding invite design so I’m going to be a busy bee over the Easter weekend. Keeps me away from the fridge....happy days!

I’ll leave you with a couple more pics I took this week. Please leave a comment, I love reading them! x

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