Monday, 5 April 2010

The look of love...

I've been searching for a satchel for ages....with no avail....until I spied THIS  in a google image search last night! I fell in love!! 

But the love affair was short lived as I discovered it was the THE Mulberry 'Alexa' bag! At £700 a pop I can only dream of buying this....with my lottery winnings....gutted! My melancholy didn't last too long though....... I then stumbled across something very similar from Topshop on Polyvore! 

It's the best site ever, not only for fashion inspiration but also for design.....some of the sets created by people are nothing short of artworks!

I created a set featuring this Topshop bag along with some tops and accessories I do have.....and others I'd like to have ;-) unfortunately, I do really need to buy this bag because it looks sooo cool!

Here is another set I created just for fun, more art than wearable fashion...

And here is a set inspired by my bedroom...

Although my bedroom is completed, I think it could be vastly improved with the addition of a couple of Fornasetti plates, hehe...

Or even a sneaky wall of this....

Or as a last choice, these...

I thought I was set on our office design, so I thought, until I clapped eyes on this....

We have a similar cupboard in our 3rd bedroom so I'm rethinking the entire scheme and location. Now that I'm going to be running a full-time business from home it needs to be a proper functioning office space...not just a bedroom/office.

Purty wallpapers from Anna French and Cath Kidston...

I love these colours but would only use splashes in a white scheme, like the vintage typewriter I found on ebay. Eagerly awaiting delivery of this and I'm praying it works (as promised) as I hope to use it to overprint my card and tag designs. And if it doesn't? Oh well, it still looks kinda cool!

I was invited over to my Brother's for afternoon tea on Easter Sunday, it was luuuuuvly!!!!! On top of sarnies, cream scones and biscuits, Claire made an ACE carrot cake from the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book ever!



  1. Hey, I LOVE the office design! i would happily jump out of bed in the morning to sit at that desk all day! Went to the Carmelite for afternoon tea and it sucked, without sounding bigheaded, my afternoon tea kicked its ass! The sandwiches were dry and missing half the ingredients, the cakes and scones were bought in (Mr Kipling Manor Cake, mini battenburg and Co-op walnut layer cake!!!) and not a sniff of a tea cup or floral design, not impressed!
    Loving all your photos and designs on this! Keep up the good work!! Claire xx

  2. Michelle Slater6 April 2010 at 09:06

    Hey Laura,

    Loving the fashion moodboards, where was the black cocktail ring from? Don't mourn for the Alexa satchel as there is apparently a waiting list for them so nab the Topshop one whilst you can! Loving the cupboard office idea, its so cute but I would never be able to keep it like that, and Sylv would come along and pull bits off it! Michellexx

  3. Hey Michelle, the ring is from Miss Selfridge, I nearly bough it last week but resisted....don't know how long I can fight the temptation though! Here is the link to Polyvore, it gives you info on all the bits & bobs....LOVE that site!

    Hope to get the rest of Sylv's pics onto a disk for you soon! My Mac is running sooooooo slow with the amount of photos/work/music on it that eventually I gave up!!! Alan is home at the weekend so I'll be off to the apple shop for a hardrive. Once that's up and running I'll be on fire....will get it done in no time!

    Thanks for the roadtrip suggestions, was looking at camping in the New Forrest and did contemplate a surfing lesson in Cornwall.....but that would all depend how bad I look in a wetsuit first!!! I could just wear what I did dooking at Strathlene all those years ago....a Speedo swimming cozzie and a pair of Bermuda's haha

    And Claire, your afternoon tea definitely kicks ass!!! Got any of that cake left?? Mmmmmmm go and post me a bit!? xx

  4. I spotted the mulberry satchel straight off - love it too! I've seen it in magazines but unfortunately my meagre budget doesn't stretch to mulberry. Love the fashion boards - looking forward to viewing more, nae pressure there!! Hehe! xx

  5. Hi Laura,

    I see I'm not the only one with satchel envy! The alexa looks like the perfect bag, but I might have to check out the topshop one I think. That office cupboard is rather wonderful too, I might have to try and re-create one myself. And I agree with Morag - your polyvore boards are most inspirational.

  6. Love the bag...Mulberry do their thing SO well...will start saving for you birthday (aye, your 80th) Also love the cupboard office (if only I could go minimal with my stash), the kick ass afternoon tea that Claire did (she should put a sign out and charge for that) and Polyvore (love it but never have the time to play on it!)

    Great post - 9 Followers - woohoo!!

  7. Great post! That bag is AMAZING! Thanks for stopping by Color Collective, so glad you commented! Love your blog!